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About Digitally Social

We are a  Mumbai based digital marketing agency with a vision to build a community of young enthusiasts willing to learn & explore the countless opportunities that are created on digital platforms.  Our expertise leans towards core digital marketing verticals starting from SEO, SEM, Web/App Development to Email Marketing and Graphic Designing.

Digitally Social comprises a team of professionals who share a mutual passion to create & deliver value for clients. Our services include Digital Marketing & Graphic Designing, our team finds only the best experts from the industry to serve your company which has actually created a positive reputation for the organization in a competitive Digital Marketing market like Mumbai.

We also offer Digital Marketing Courses with our curriculum specifically designed to assist students to be at par & excel in the industry. Our course trains students to deal with complex tools that are used to plan & execute Digital Brand Campaigns.

At Digitally Social, you'll find the latest updates from the marketing industry, digital marketing blogs & articles that closely analyse market leaders & their campaigns, success stories of the best startups, insights on how a customer thinks & the mantra of emotional selling. Compilation of Top Class Services we provide, Quality education and Insightful content attached with the efforts of the team and support of all our stakeholders we are proudly recognised as one of the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai.


Founded by Shlok Mishra, a young digital marketer wanting to learn & explore opportunities in the Digital Marketing Industry, Digitally Social came a long way by delivering results like no other agency in the market. The culture followed in Digitally Social makes our clients choose us every single time, our team makes sure that every penny spent by our clients gives them productive results. When we take up a project, we make sure that our clients believe in the services we are offering them, more importantly, believe in our team. Trust is the factor that pulls clients towards us, and we make sure that our clients don’t feel otherwise by being available for them at all times. Our team is always willing to prioritize our work, our drive towards being consistent with achieving great outcomes is what has helped us come this far.


Shlok Mishra

Shlok Mishra, a passionate digital evangelist and entrepreneur has been at the forefront of this project and possesses rich experience in the field. Shlok Mishra has been in the digital marketing scene for more than four years and has worked with corporate giants like Amazon, Twitch, LPU, and many more. Shlok’s experience runs the entire gamut of digital marketing activities – strategy leads to developing experiential websites, leveraging SEO, building communities on social media, connecting with millennials, and driving engagement via content. His work ethic & passion for Digital Marketing has gotten him recognition in the industry. He follows and propagates the idea of Disruptive Marketing and is an expert in Market Research. He leads a young & talented team of marketing strategists & professionals and helps numerous companies, individuals, and brands to leverage the true potential of the digital medium and attain desired business results. He is one of our best leaders, and his ability to develop great ideas has led to tremendous growth. He is a Founder, Mentor, Teacher & Full Stack Digital Marketer.

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