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Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners

Just established a business and wondering how to maximize your reach using digital marketing tactics? Or you are simply wondering what digital marketing is and what can it do for your business? Well, we have enlisted the same & more in this article!

You must have come across various people telling you, that you should make use of digital marketing tactics to reach customers but seldom, people will tell you how to do it?

Digitally Social is here to tell you how to do it in 10 easy steps?! Let’s get to exploring these simple to employ strategies:

1. Analyse your Competition

Just like the case is with any business, digital marketing strategies that are employed by your competitor can hamper your reach on SERP, but the good news is, you can always analyse your competition and use it to your benefit. There are various tools that can help you analyse your competition. You can use Semrush, Ubersuggest and Moz to understand the backlink profile and the keywords they have employed to help them reach their customers.

2. Pay attention to SEO

You must have heard it and you will continue to hear it! When it comes to setting up an online e-commerce platform or an information portal for your website, you will see that everyone is telling you to pay attention to SEO but what is SEO in digital marketing? SEO basically means optimizing for the search engines! This means that you are primarily telling google, this is what my website is about? By optimizing for the search engines, you are making an effort to grow organically which is so much better than investing in ads for the long run!

3. Optimize your Content with Keywords

This is more inclusive in ‘SEO itself’ but we feel we wanted to emphasize more on it! Keywords are basically what your potential customers are using to search you and by not optimizing your content with keywords, you are missing out on a lot of leads. This also includes doing a thorough keyword analysis and then employing the chosen keywords to flow through naturally in the content.

4. Set Up Your Social Media Pages

Not all social media pages will work for you, but it is important to set up your social media pages for 2 reasons: A) Brand Awareness B) SEO

5. Pay attention to Image SEO

It’s an often ignored aspect but we will tell you this: Just optimizing your images for SEO which includes simply labelling your images and entering Alt text can improve your presence on google by 40%.

6. Make use of Quora Marketing

It’s a term that was coined when marketers realized Quora has 300 million monthly visitors. The trick with ‘Quora Marketing’ is to ‘Keep it real! If you are simply going to promote your products on Quora, you will be banned. Answer Genuinely and that would be the best way to make use of Quora Marketing!

7. Pay attention to Instagram Layouts

Instagram Layouts can make a huge difference in how people would perceive your brand. A mish-mosh layout is often perceived by the viewers as a brand that has ‘zero direction’ whereas a clean thought-out layout can make all the difference.

8. Understand Google Analytics

Google wants you to spend money wisely so that you can reach your customers and they have done a pretty good job in helping you do that by setting up google analytics. We highly recommend you, take some time and understand Google Analytics! It gives great insights abut behaviour flow, most visited pages and the bounce rate.

9. Link Google Analytics to your Website

Probably the most basic thing that anyone should do but how would you, if you have no clue about it! Well, Google Analytics sends a snippet of a code to your email and all you are supposed to do is copy the code into the HTML code of your website. It is that simple after which, you can get access to all the website data.

10. Create Landing Pages to Collect Leads

We tell this to everyone especially if you are running a social media or a PPC Campaign, that you need to set up a landing page so that you can collect leads. Your leads data such as their phone number or email can help you reach them and understand their requirements. It also helps you to create a database.

We hope you were able to catch the drift and relate how you can employ Digital Marketing Strategies to your budding business!

We are a digital marketing agency that believes in providing the best internet marketing services in Mumbai to start-ups and more.

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